Amongst the cosmos there is an individual, perhaps the last of his kind, talented in the many arts and sciences. A god named Anz’Locus. After discovering much of the multiverse he was suddenly inspired to accomplish great things. It would be his grandest feat yet, creating a world and observing this effect upon the cosmos. Using his immense knowledge this task was accomplished and it then was time to wait and watch.
Though Anz’Locus is an incredibly powerful and, generally, neutral being he is not without opposition. During the creation process Anz’Locus was under observation by powerful entities. They were curious what he hoped to accomplish moving so much energy around the cosmos. Upon creation of the world, known as Cogir, one of these entities took it upon himself to interfere with Anz’Locus. This entity is known as Lutai. Lutai felt that by creating this world Anz’Locus is far too arrogant: who is he to take nature into his own hands? Lutai is not exactly evil but he has a deep appreciation for death and views Cogir as an abomination of the natural order. Lutai would like nothing more than to destroy Cogir and rub it in Anz’Locus’s face but his hands are tied by his own principles so he will not allow himself to simply destroy the myriad lives Anz’Locus created. He hunts Anz’Locus and will kill his servants but prefers not to kill those he deems innocent. Given the chance he would slay Anz’Locus. Luckily Anz’Locus is a slippery one and manages to avoid any direct confrontation with Lutai. Who knows what would happen to Cogir without Anz’Locus’s watchful eye.

The Experiment